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    Design and Engineering
    We work to succeed in a complex world where new technologies and proven concepts meet. We overcome challenges and enable your vision to become reality.

    Our design and engineering services span the whole life cycle of a project:

    -  architectural concept and design
    -  schematics
    -  detailed designs
    -  structural, mechanical and electrical engineering
    -  plumbing, HVAC
    -  Interior design, fit outs
    -  IT architecture, design and systems
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    Project Management
    We assess the possibilities and analyze the steps that will lead your project to success based on our extensive experience.

    We develop your project management plans.

    We execute the plans, carefully manage the quality of processes, materials and deliveries, and execute the acceptance on your behalf.

    In short, we run the PMO (Program Management Office) for you.
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    Security Services
    Archen is the specialist in full scale security projects, where advanced infrastructure is combined with the latest information techniques, such as:
    -  C4ISR systems
    -  PVSS (video surveillance) and surveillance techniques
    -  Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
    -  Communications and Operations Systems and Procedures

    We also take into account the security infrastructure challenges on the construction side: roads, fences, buildings, towers, harbors, airfields and helipads.
    We are the logical partner for your security project, whatever the stage your project is in.
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    Health, Safety, Environment
    We are the consultant engineers of choice for on any aspects of health, safety & environmental projects. Our combination of new technologies, inspired designs and thorough knowledge of the field will hit the mark. Green Designs are used to create certified ECO buildings, for a better environment and better future. Our areas of specialty include:
    -  Hospitals
    -  Area Master Planning
    -  City Development
    -  ECO buildings
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    IT and Communications
    We understand the importance of telecommunications security in today's world.
    Archen integrates infrastructure (communications buildings, towers and trenching) with all modern technologies in secure communication such as:
    -  TETRA
    -  VHF
    -  Microwave, Laser
    -  WiMAX
    -  Fiber
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    We help pre-contract and post-contract.

    - Requirements Management
    - Preparation of RFI's and RFP's
    (Requests for Information and Requests for Proposals)
    - Select and Contract the Best of the Bidders
    - Reviewing, Testing and Commissioning
    - Advise on Final Acceptance

    During the whole project life-cycle Archen can do the contract follow-up on the technical and financial aspects on your behalf.
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    Project Audits
    Archen applies its experience to execute in-depth reviews of projects.

    We deliver due diligence reports, conduct project audits and perform testing & commissioning. We do this on any level of detail needed, from assessing the overall project governance and master planning to detailed and specific assessments of structural, mechanical and electrical designs , quality of materials, use of IT systems.

    We perform audits and report on all aspects of a project, from landscaping and eco-compliance to financial assessments.