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    Government & Public

    Archen believes in a better, safer, and healthier world for all. As such we at Archen serve governments and public institutions in their security projects, infrastructure projects and improvements programs.

    Examples of our work in this market:

    - General support of a program of large scale government projects;
    - P3O (Portfolio, Program, Project Management Office) support;
    - Infrastructure, safety, security systems and health care projects;

    - Concept designs and urban developments;
    - Waste management, LEED green buildings;

    - Airports, roads, marine facilities, military bases and housing, data centers.
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    Success... We understand commercial needs like no other. We have proven that we can make your resort, hotel, shopping center, high-rises succeed. By listening to you carefully, we propose bold solutions to your challenges.

    Your needs are our guidelines. Archen is a partner, whether it be in the early phases of concept designs and specifications or in the later phases of managing the project and keeping the contractor to his promises.

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    Prestigious, functional and remarkable. In the residential market we have shown our abilities to stretch your imagination.

    Imagine it, and it can become a reality. We realize residential dreams. We have designed villas, residential complexes, towers, and interiors that will make anyone feel at home. We can help in

    - Obtaining permits;
    - Designing your project;
    - Meeting set costs and timelines;
    - Ensuring quality of the materials used and the way they are applied;
    - Supporting in solving any intricacy in accepting the final result.

    Of course we can also do all of the above and represent you as a client throughout the entire project cycle.

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    Setting up your business is your strength, helping you with the infrastructure that you need is ours.

    We have experience in

    - Factories, laboratory facilities & clean rooms;
    - Oil & gas production;
    - Warehouses, logistics;
    - Data centers;
    - Utility plants, waste water treatment plants.

    We are there to make you succeed in your project from permits to operational hand-overs and all the activities in between.